How Much Better Would Your Furniture Look After You Schedule Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Learn how we clean upholstery at homes in the Houston, TX area

Upholstery can easily trap crumbs, dirt and coffee stains. That's why it's a smart idea to schedule regular furniture cleaning. If you live in the Houston, TX area, turn to It's Clean Now for affordable upholstery cleaning services.

We'll use eco-friendly cleaning products that will...

  • Eliminate stubborn stains.
  • Leave behind little to no residue.
  • Won't damage your upholstery.
Trust us to remove the stains and leave your furniture looking brand-new. Contact us today to schedule furniture cleaning services.

Furniture cleaning doesn't have to cost a fortune

It's Clean Now offers affordable upholstery cleaning services to homeowners in the Houston, TX area. If your furniture is made from...

  • Natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool
  • Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or olefin
  • Blended fabrics, such as polyester blends
...we can clean it with no problem. Contact us today to learn more.