Our Guarantee Policy for Removal of Spots and Stains in the Carpet.

We Guarantee the removal of spots in the carpet because spots are created from Soils, Grease and Protein base Foods.

The Removal of Stains in the carpet are not Guarantee.

Stains are spots with a color. (Examples) Red, Orange, Green , Brown ,Blue Yellow, Pet Stains, ect..
However, most stains can be removal with additional Stains Treatment at additional Cost.

(Customers must know if you attempt to remove Stains with the Wrong product, the Stains will become Permanently and cannot be remove).

How Long will it take to clean your Carpet?

We only schedule 2 or 3 carpet cleaning jobs a day so we can focus on providing client with a personal Touch. There is no time frame when we are cleaning your carpets. We take pride in Cleaning and Quality First.

However it could take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending much areas needed to be Clean. Upholstery, Tile and Grout may take longer.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?

Yes, when necessary we move and replace some small light pieces of furniture .(liability is major concern). Such as small sofa, chairs, coffee table with no glass ect.

Do I need to Vacuum Before Cleaning Carpet?

Yes, the carpet should be vacuum at least 1 to 2 time a week. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will keep 90% of dry soils out of your carpet. Dry Soils ruin carpet Fiber. However if for any reason you cannot vacuum before our arrival we will vacuum for you. You also should also pick up all loose items from the floor, secure animals and remove large pieces of furniture so we can clean under.

What Method do you use for carpet Cleaning?

The Method we use is Hot Water Extraction.

This Method consist of:

Pre- inspection: We need to inspect your carpet to see what types of carpet fibers are in your carpet. Such as Nylon, Polyester, Olefin ect.. Each carpet fiber has to be treated differently so we clean your carpet professionally.

Pre-treatment: We pre spray your spots, stains and open areas of carpet with a cleaning solution.
This solution with dwell time will release the soils ,grease and removal spots and stains.

Agitation: Using a carpet rake or other agitation equipment to scrub the carpet fibers to loosen up soils, grease , spots and stains for easily removal.

Extraction: Using a powerful Truck-mounted unit with high heat which create Steam an a rinsing solution to Extract the soils, grease ,spots and stains out of the carpets. This extraction and rinsing will leave your carpet residue free , at a low PH to prevent fast Re-soiling.

Drying: We add Fan Blower to the rooms as needed to decrease the drying time to the carpets. However fast drying of can depend on the air movement and air circulation in room. Ceiling Fans and room temperature at about 72 degrees is a plus.

Grooming: Some carpet need to be groomed after cleaning. So we use a grooming tool to groom the carpet pile . This method will leave the carpet fiber standing tall and not laying down. This also help the carpet fiber to dry faster.

Post Inspection: Check to see if we done the best to change the appearance of your carpet .Also to make sure you are Satisfy with our cleaning of your carpet in your Home.

Just a Reminder: Extra Treatment ( Pet Urine, Pet Stains removal, Stains removal will be an additional Charge). Charges are base on the amount of stains.