Residential Carpet Cleaning " Guarantee Services"

Carpet Cleaning with a Personal Touch

IT's Clean Now  used  the top carpet cleaning products in the  industry. These products  are Environmental Safe , meet industry specification for carpet cleaning and leave Minimum Residue  while providing Maximum Cleaning. These  products we used help make our job easy while creatating a  better appearance to your carpet. Adding  these products to your carpet will remove 99% of the protein base spots and stains and soils in the carpet. However, some stains  are permament or require extra treament at addtional cost.  Stains such as stains created from dye products. Example : Ink, Kool Aide, Shoe Polish,  Magic Marker, ect. . However we  can treate and remove stains such as Pet Stains and Odor, coffee, tea, food spills, wax, brown soda.  These stain can only be remove if someone didn't use the wrong products in the attempt to remove the stain. Most of the time if adding water and blotting, not rubbing don't remove the stain, just leave it to the Professional .

 Our 8 Steps Dual  Process  Method

Carpet Cleaning :  

 1. We pre inspect your carpet. We move  and replace some Light pieces and small  furniture..

 2.  We Pre  Vaccum if needed.

 3 . We pre - Treat / pre spray areas that are heavily soil, the protein base spots , stains and grease. 

 4. We allow the Pre spray solution to dwell  on carpet about 10 to 15 min.

 5.  We then Agitate or scrub the carpet with a carpet rake to loosen up the soils, stains and spots in the carpet. This help mak the extraction process easy.

 6. We then Extract  and Rinse the soils ,spots stains or grease from the carpet using a Powerful Truckmounted unit.  This Machine  create high heat and Steam and  Vaccum power to  Extract the soil , stains , spots and Grease from carpet.  A extraction product or rinse is used for this process.  We add Deordorize at customer request.  ( Free ) Remember Deordorize on mask odor is doesn't kill odor. To kill the odor require treatment at additional cost.

  7. We then add fan blower in rooms to increase the Drying Process.

  8. . We then Groom the Carpet  depending on the type of carper fiber if needed.


    Add on  Service: Carpet Protector ( additional Cost ).

   We add the protector to your carpet fiber to help prevent  fast soiling, help spots and stains to be easy to remove . This product will help your carpet stay clean longer and protect against wear.


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