Carpet Cleaning Houston Tx

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Carpet Cleaning Houston with a Professional Touch In Pearland, Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Katy TX Area

Carpet Cleaning Houston Tx

It’s Clean Exactly provide best carpet cleaning Houston Tx and Around, steam cleaning and use the top eco-friendly carpet cleaning products in the industry. These products are environmentally safe, meet industry specifications for carpet cleaning, leaving minimum residue while providing maximum cleaning.

Adding our cleaning products to your carpet will remove 99% of the protein base spots and stains and soils in the carpet. However, some stains are permanent or require extra
treatment at an additional cost. Our skilled team of residential & commercial carpet cleaning Huston professionals can remove the following stains:

Most of the time, if adding water and blotting – not rubbing doesn’t remove the stain, just leave it to the Professionals. Take a look at our service pricing, or call @ 346-219-6792 our carpet cleaning technicians today!

Carpet Cleaning Huston Methods

Our Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Houston:

  • We inspect your carpet and move some light pieces and small furniture.
  • We pre vacuum if needed.
  • We pre-treat / pre-spray areas that are heavily soiled such as the protein base spots, stains and grease. 
  • We allow the pre spray solution to dwell on your carpet for 10 to 15 min.
  • We then agitate or scrub the carpet with an agitation machine or carpet rake to loosen up the soils, stains and spots in the carpet. This helps make the extraction process easy.
  • We then extract and rinse the soils, spots, stains or grease from the carpet using a powerful truck-mounted unit. This machine creates high heat, steam and vacuum power to extract the soil, stains, spots and grease from your carpet. The rinse solution will leave carpet free of sticky residue, soft & with a fresh scent. All solutions used are environmental safe and eco-friendly.
  • We add a fan blower if needed for fast drying. All services are Guaranteed or we will redo the cleaning. We also Deodorize at customer request. (Free) Remember – Deodorizing to mask odor doesn’t kill odor. To kill the pet odor requires treatment at an additional cost.
  • We then groom the carpet depending on the type of carper fiber if needed. 
  • Add-on Service: Carpet Protector ( additional cost ). We add the protector to your carpet fiber to help prevent fast soiling, help spots and stains to be easy to remove . This product will help your carpet stay clean longer and protect against wear.

Contact Us today @ 346-219-6792 for top notch carpet cleaning Houston, carpet steam cleaning Houston,  we are known best carpet cleaners in Houston 100% satisfaction guarantee.